Trish Ward

During a career that has spanned three decades, Trish Ward has directed all aspects of human resources, been the Vice-President and Chief Administrative Officer of a multi-million-dollar government contractor and a Certified Legal Assistant for various law firms, and worked directly with the Chairman and CEO in the corporate and legal departments. Still, her greatest accomplishment was working with her mentor and ‘dad’ for more than 30 years, who taught her the secret to living is giving.

Having a vested interest because of her dad’s passing after battling leukemia, Trish joined the Gilliland Foundation to make a difference in the lives of others and put good into the world.

When Trish isn’t working, you’ll find her at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football games or hiking trails with her husband, Rod, and their two Weimaraners. She enjoys bowling, puzzles, reading, and traveling.