Sowing Seeds was established to teach youth how to raise funds and learn about the responsibilities that go along with giving.


The Value of Giving

As parents, we all want to raise children who are charitable. We want our children to understand the value of giving and experience the sense of purpose and joy that giving brings. The Gilliland Foundation believes that if we want children to grow up to be philanthropists, we must plant the seed of giving early.


Role Models

Children frequently learn behaviors by observing others. Charitable giving is no exception. The Gilliland Foundation introduces youth to all the charitable work we do, the charities we support, how we support them, and why we support them. It’s important to let our youth see all of the good work we do, be it volunteering or donating.


Nurture Generosity

From the time they are young, children have a deeply rooted instinct to share and help others. Children have a strong natural drive to be kind and generous. Helping youth experience the happiness that comes from giving to others is probably one of the most valuable ways we can nurture generosity in them. Giving makes people happy, and happiness promotes giving.